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Leaving large amounts of your savings in a traditional bank is not the BEST way to make it grow. Bank interest averages 1% to 5% on average. What makes us the right choice is HIGHER ROI, based in products and retail. We also invite our members into land and real estate ownership and development.

At Pacific Investors, we look at ways to grow your money at 15% to 35% and more.

YOU are Welcome at pacific

Financial Growth through Assets

We explore several ways to grow your wealth. Purchases are currently in Hawaii, California and Nevada.



We are focused on opportunities that can yield you greater returns. These avenues are available for you once you become a member.



With over eight categories and growing, collectively at present we have over 25 separate opportunities.


Wealth Management

When it comes to growing your wealth we offer quarterly summaries so you can rest assured that things are growing steadily. Please keep in mind you carry ZERO RISK as all purchases are achieved at wholesale then sold at retail.

Pacific Investments at Nauru Tower



Where many firms are content with small gains, our club is more actively discovering suitable investments that GROW, thereby GUARANTEEING HIGHER RETURNS. In land, both commercial and residential, also focusing on acquisitions to developing properties.

Loyal Clients

It is more like a family, but like a family, we hope to keep it small. Twenty-five members is our maximum so get your membership soon.


Average Annual Return

Although our goal is to reach 25% we will focus on maintaining an average return that is profitable and reasonable and often exceeding 35 to 50%.

Experienced Leaders

As we wish to keep our group manageable we do not plan to exceed 25.


The maximum collective investment we will manage remains under 25M. 

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

We sincerely hope to have a pleasant journey with all members and staff as we focus together and explore exciting ventures ahead. Once a member you can dive deeper into our vision as one who will join us moving forward!

Benefits to Membership

Once a member you will have access to discounts on these services as a thank you!

– Free Movie Tickets

– New Car Discounts

– Golf Discounts

– Private Car & Limo Service

– Travel & Ticketing

– Beauty & Spa

Retirement Plans

We don’t see retirement in the traditional sense. Traditionally it is viewed as a slowing-down. We are NOT slowing down, rather… just getting going!

Smart Investing

Multiple criteria is considered before making a step into an investment. We will always have our members best interest in mind.

Portfolio Management

Keeping a risk balance is important and you will see this each quarter as the path we follow.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Given the right opportunities we will engage in M & A, when it is right to do so, with strong indications of profitability of course. In December we completed an acquisition of a $7m.

"Real Estate, Startups, Gold Mining, Fine Jewelry & Diamonds, Publishing, Collectibles and more are among the areas we divest."


"Enjoy a quarterly report which includes current assets, cash on hand (COH), investment opportunities while being asked for your input as to which categories you would like to see."

V. Pres

"Once a member you will be introduced to over a dozen categories with as many or more than 40 investment opportunities."

J.R. Palmer

A limited member base

Let Us Help You Take Your LIQUIDITY To New Heights

Our club is exclusive and not everyone will become a member that hopes to. Keeping a good private investment group together requires the right dynamics and participation and we hope it is you!

We welcome you to submit a brief summary of assets so we may assess if you meet the criteria to join our club!


Financial Resources and News

You will receive updates regularly to keep you in the loop!

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Pacific Investors Group is a boutique investment club looking to collectively manage upwards of 24 million in assets.

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Contact us so we can begin discussing investments in our portfolio that you can be part of. We look forward to hearing form you!


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